Our Story

If you have grown up in the south, you are probably a NASCAR fan, and racing may be in your blood. At least that is the story for Owner and Operator Jody Lavender.

Jody Lavender, a formidable competitor, has traded in his racing helmet, car and all other racing equipment and moved back down South, close to his roots of Hartsville, SC, and the beach home that he and his family enjoyed for over 20 years.

Jody, his wife and little girl made the move to Murrells Inlet a little over 4 years ago, and at that time, Jody turned his passion for building and racing fast cars to his background in Metal Fabrication. Now his new company, CRC Metal Fabrication is a one stop shop for all types of metal work. If you can think it Jody can probably make it!

Yes, the lure of the fast lane kept Jody engaged and enthralled for many years, but like most of us, taking care of family and making the most of those years with his wife, young daughter and now their son overcame the desire to go and find the winners circle.

CRC is located on McDowell's Shortcut. JUST RACE ON OVER AND ASK FOR JODY!